Jolly Stay in Wadi Rum

Jordan, Wadi Rum Village
English , Arabic


Mohammad Alzalabih
مستوى الصعوبة
2 Days

Discover the wild beauty of Wadi Rum with us, enjoy spectacular views from the balloon, live the traditional Bedouin experiences, and explore the red desert of Mars.

ماذا ستفعل في هذه التجربة؟

During your stay, you will not only experience the beauty of the red desert, but also the local Bedouin stories, the traditional food and music, the culture, and the Bedouin lifestyle as a whole! Allocate time for the following:

  • Shisha by the fire with some heart-warming Bedouin tea.
  • Stargazing under the expansive clear sky of Wadi Rum far away from the light pollution.
  • Hiking adventures in the desert to explore its gems.
  • Jeep tours for lots of adrenaline!
  • Traditional picnic with food cooked in the middle of the desert.
  • and most importantly, stay in our traditional Bedouin camp with very comfortable, convenient and clean tents. With delicious traditional breakfast and dinner, Many of our tourists have returned to live again such a beautiful and memorable experience!



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